As State Legislators, we have a solemn obligation to defend the rights of the people and protect the sovereign authority of our states, but the powers in Washington D.C. have made that almost impossible. Decades of out of control spending and a slow erosion of the balance of power between the states and the Federal government have all but destroyed the constitutional federalism that our founding fathers established.

The drafters of our Constitution knew this could happen and so they gave us the tools to keep the genius of Federalism functioning, but we have to use those tools.

The stronger we are, the sooner we can take the credit cards away from Washington and put our nation back on track.

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This month…

  • Do Constitutional Principles Matter Anymore?
  • Constitution Day and the ‘Gift’ of Article V
  • ALEC Statement Calls for Use of Article V
  • The Constitution’s Text: ‘authoritative, exclusive, & supreme’
  • Natelson:  Supreme Court Will Not Defend Federalism
  • Federal Interest Costs Could Exceed Military Spending
  • Political Candidates Are Signing LetUSVote Pledges
  • CoSP Gets Major Endorsement, Keeps Moving Forward
  • Wolf-PAC Leader Writes to the Article V Caucus
  • Caucus Website:  A Handy Source of Accurate Article V Info

This month…

  • Article V Applications are Missing
  • Natelson Study Questions Seven Article V ‘Rescissions’
  • UK Pub Reported on ALEC Convention / Article V Efforts
  • BBA Group Announces Prominent New Board Members
  • Forbes Article Suggests Use of Article V to Legalize Marijuana
  • CNN Says National Debt is Becoming a Pressing Issue
  • Economists Highlight Fiscal Rules to Fight National Debt
  • Italy at Odds over Constitutional Balanced Budget Provision
  • Wolf-PAC Leader Calls on Progressives: Support an A5 Confab

This month…

  • Tell Congress:  Count the Damn Article V Applications  (Did we get your attention?)
  • New Orleans Hosts National Conventions
  • Lawsuit Against CoSP Proponent is Thrown Out
  • Ohio Shows How States Can Solve  Gerrymandering Issues
  • Think Tank Isn’t Thinking It Through
  • NC Newspaper Issues National Debt Alarm

This month…

  • Does the US Constitution Already Have 28 Amendments? 
  • What if Madison’s Amendment Really is Already Ratified?
  • Might a ‘General’ Article V Convention be on the Horizon?
  • Federalist Society Publishes Related Piece…
        Reaching Similar but Different Conclusions
  • ‘Competitive Federalism’ … A Possible Way Left and Right Could Work Together
  • Should Article V Itself be Amended?

This month…

  • What is Federalism and Why is it Important?
  • Blogger Provides Reminders About ‘Why Article V?’
  • US Term Limits Drive Adds New State
  • Article V Activists Take New Approaches
  • Fear, Distrust Restrain Constitutional Amendments
  • Savannah Editorial:  ‘America Facing Debt Catastrophe’
  • Long-Dead Proposed Constitutional Amendment Pops Up

This month…

  • Who Says America’s Fiscal Condition Spells Trouble?

As reflected below… a wide range of individuals and organizations do: American Enterprise Institute, The CBO Director, the New York Times, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz, Former US Senator Gregg, The Hill, Heartland Institute, the American Legislative Exchange Council, Americans for Tax Reform, the Center for Freedom and Prosperity, FreedomWorks, and the BBA Task Force… just to name a few!

  • ‘Swiss Debt Brake’ Gets Increased Attention
  • Article V Expert Address the AV Fear Campaign
  • Former Eagle Forum Leader Changed Her Position on AV
  • Article V Legislative Progress Report:  An Update

This month…
This month’s edition of the Caucus newsletter focuses on national debt, deficits and the unused powers in Article V.  Three of the 7 currently-active Article V movements are aimed at installing federal fiscal restraints… or fiscal rules… into the US Constitution via a state-driven amendment.   Meanwhile, influential groups continue in their foolhardy belief that Congress will impose such restraints on itself.

  • National Debt is Now Over $21 Trillion
  • Federal Interest Costs Said to be on track to Quadruple
  • April 4: Important ‘Swiss Debt Brake’ Panel Discussion
  • Congressman calls Associates ‘Debt Junkies’
  • Feds Get ‘Poor’ Rating at New Debt Default Clock Site
  • NY Professor Calls for a Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Fed Committee to Recommend Federal Budgeting Reforms
  • Current Progress is Slim for Article V Movements
  • Article V Champion Hal Wick Succumbs to Cancer
  • Indiana Senate President Long Voluntarily Steps Down
  • Resources for Understanding Article V

This month…

  • Two New Article V-related Videos Have Been Released
  • Idaho Says ‘No’ to CoSP, Opponents Gloat
  • Guldenschuh Article V Progress Report Now Ready
  • Washington Post Article Highlights Expected Debt Growth
  • WSJ Op-Ed by Glenn Hubbard Calls for an ‘Honest Budget’
  • College Prof Says ‘Republicans Have Learned to Love Debt’
  • Article V Expert Corrects Hillary Clinton’s Misconceptions
  • Federalism-related Developments
  • Where the Constitution’s Word “Convention” Came From
  • Two Smaller Article V Movements are Getting Traction

  • This Newsletter Includes a Comprehensive Review of Article V Efforts One Month into 2018 Legislative Sessions


  • New Book Debunks ‘We Don’t Know How Conventions Work’ Claim
  • Numerous Writers Express Support for a Constitutional BBA
  • Candidates for Federal Offices Promise Support for a BBA
  • First Guldenschuh Article V Progress Report of 2018