As State Legislators, we have a solemn obligation to defend the rights of the people and protect the sovereign authority of our states, but the powers in Washington D.C. have made that almost impossible. Decades of out of control spending and a slow erosion of the balance of power between the states and the Federal government have all but destroyed the constitutional federalism that our founding fathers established.

The drafters of our Constitution knew this could happen and so they gave us the tools to keep the genius of Federalism functioning, but we have to use those tools.

The stronger we are, the sooner we can take the credit cards away from Washington and put our nation back on track.

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We Need a Little More Queen

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Chuck Schumer was Right

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Special Edition: Academy 3.0 Recap 
 We promised an Academy 3.0 recap with the September edition of the State Legislators Article V Caucus Newsletter, but we just couldn’t wait two more weeks to share what happened in Denver!

Academy 3.0 

How Federalism Facilitates Peace

Shock Poll: Two-thirds of Likely Voters, Half of Democrats Support an Article V Convention

Arrington Files Call for First Article V Convention in US History 

More Article V News

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Academy of States 3.0: Registration is Now Open!
The End is Near! …the end of federal hegemony, that is.
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Mark Your Calendar
The Time has Come
Five Guys: What Dobbs v Jackson Can Teach Us About Federalism
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Academy of States 3.0 Registration Opens Next Month
Former US Comptroller General Addresses the Phoenix Correspondence Commission
Method Matters
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Mark Your Calendar
America on the Brink of War
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Academy of States
It’s all about the Grassroots
Power to the People: Education
Article V News

Insider Trading: A Bipartisan Initiative by Vickie Deppe

Townsend Announces bid for Congress

Article V News

Working Together: Academy 2.0 Recap

Are Our Rights Secure?

Book Review: Who Decides? States as Laboratories of Constitutional Experimentation

Article V Convention Legislative Progress Report

·        As if Lobbyists & Big Donors don’t already have Outsized Influence in our Elections

·        FEC and SCOTUS Welcome Foreign Power over American Elections

·        Article V News

·        Who Said It?

·        Spending Spree

·        Full Circle: an Interview with Montana State Senator Tom McGillvray

·        Fiscal Controls for Washington: a Bipartisan Approach

·        Article V News

·        Who Said It?

  • Exploring Federalism

  • Knox County Mayor Advocates for Term Limits

  • Let’s Fix Five

  • Article V News

  • Who Said It?

  • Introducing our New Editor

  • Article V Seminars in Montana

  • Article V Update

  • Building Bipartisanship

  • Video Q&A from the Fiscal Responsibility Academy

  • Who Said It?

This Month…

  • Congresswoman Herrell Commits to Introduce Article V Call>

  • US Federal Fiscal Responsibility Academy

  • Complete Video Record of the Academy

This Month…

  • Honoring a True Patriot 
  • Tributes
  • Federalism: Preserving the Blessings of Freedom and Prosperity
  • Regaining Our Flag’s Respect
  • Just In: AZ Senate is calling for a Convention of States

This Month…

  • Federalism Requires Bipartisan Commitment to Devolve Power
  • The Natives Are Restless
  • 2021: Mid-Year Article V Status Report
  • Related Article V News
  • Five Recommended Related Reads
  • Until We Meet Again – A Farewell

This Month…

  • Oklahoma Senate Calls for National Federalism Task Force
  • Other Federalism News
  • Report: ‘True National Debt Exceeds $123 Trillion’
  • CRFB Position Statement on Infrastructure-Related Debt
  • Happenings on the Article V Front
  • Accurate Quotes Counter Dishonest Article V Attackers
  • Warning: Foreigners Seek to Influence Article V Efforts
  • Readers Salute 100th Edition of this Newsletter


March 17, 2021 Article V Convention Legislative Progress Report

 Fellow Fivers:

 Five weeks have passed since my initial 2021 report.  Thanks to Stu McPhail and the Article V Caucus for placing it on their website (, for forwarding it to our 7000+ state legislators throughout the country and for publishing a link to it on “Hunt for Liberty.”

As of this report, some 107 items of Article V legislation have been filed in 38 different states. That compares favorably to the activity we saw pre-COVID/2020.

U.S. Term Limits and COS Project are easily the most active groups.  U.S. Term Limits has filed in 18 states with all resolutions currently “Active.”  They passed the House in NC and WV, the Senate in GA, and are out of committee in the AZ House. COS has filed in 22 states with 17 remaining “Active.” I did not see where COS has made it out of any committees yet. WolfPAC is active in five states and BBA is active only in SC.

 As pressure mounts in Washington to water down or abolish the Senate filibuster thus giving absolute power to the Democrats, one would hope that the conservative states could see that the Article V state-led amendment process is the last bastion of power left to those states to overcome and bring checks and balances back to our federal government.

 Attached is the latest AVC Legislative Progress Report.  Be sure to let me know if you see any missing items or if you have more updated information.

If I can ever be of assistance to any of you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­David F. Guldenschuh

Editor and Publisher

The Article V Convention Legislative Progress Report


2021 03 17 AVC LPR

  • Election Integrity Efforts Relate to 2020 Election Hijinks
  • State Legislatures Must Take Back Power
  • The Guldenschuh Report Has Returned
  • Developments Related to Constitutional Amendments
  • Transparency is One Answer to National Debt Problem
  • Sen. Paul Introduces ‘Three Penny Budget-Balancing Plan’
  • Tidbits of Related News
  • Good Related Reads

Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 7.23.57 PM

Fellow Fivers:

The four major Article V advocacy groups all started off the new decade last year with great goals and optimism only to be totally shut down by the coronavirus pandemic. So much water has gone under the bridge since then that it is difficult to offer an assessment as to the future of the movement. The 2020 elections fundamentally reshaped our country politically. The division and partisanship has never been more heated. The federal government flipped dramatically to the Democrat side, but the state legislatures, with only a few exceptions, remained largely conservative. More drastic changes are likely coming in 2022 with redistricting in the spotlight.

This Month…

Passion in Politics – January 6 was ‘an example of
unhinged enthusiasm, of passions run amok’
The Original Article V – in the Articles of Confederation
Current News about Constitutional Amendment Proposals
WEBINAR: Advancing the American Voice – Feb. 23
The Principle of Federalism is Getting More Attention
Natelson: Election Integrity is the Real Issue
Senator Lundberg: Will Freedom be Lost on our Watch?
Will One or More States Secede from the United States

This Month…

  • Writer Contends that American Federalism is in Tatters
  • Webinar: Protecting the American Voice – January 26
  • Natelson:  State Legislators Have Abdicated Responsibilities
  • Election Integrity is now a Major National Issue
  • Epoch Times Editorial: Americans Need to Speak Up
  • ‘Keep Nine’ Effort Presses Forward with Proposal
  • The Status of Unreceived Article V-Related Resolutions

                  Related Items of Interest

  • Citizen-focused Constitutional Conference Proposed
  • Effort to Enact an ‘Abolition Amendment’ Announced
  • New Film Features Herman Cain & the Founding Fathers
  • The US House Announces Plans to work 25% less

This Month…

  • Federalism – The Answer to ‘A Fractured Republic’
  • Disperse Power Out of Washington to Unite the Nation
  • Avoid Breaking Apart by Rekindling Federalism
  • About New Stimulus Funds, ‘Try a Little Federalism’
  • Use Article V to Make Elections Great Again
  • Article V-Related News from the 2020 Election
  • Orrin Hatch: Use Article V to Save the Supreme Court
  • Amendments Sought to Create ‘a Democratic Constitution’
  • Links to More Article V Web Sites
  • Four Good Related Reads

This Month…

  • 11/17 Caucus Webinar:Strengthening the American Voice
  • Nebraska Governor: Say No to State Bailouts
  • Federalism is Important – Even in a Pandemic
  • 3 Keys Suggested for Getting Federalism Going Again
  • US Federal Deficit Spending Tripled in Fiscal 2020
  • National Debt Projected to Explode Under Biden or Trump
  • To American Youth, Debt = Taxation W/O Representation
  • Constitutional Amendment Proposed to ‘Keep Nine’
  • Bi-Partisan Leaders Call for Congressional Term Limits
  • EditorialThe Democrat Who Fought for
    Federalism, Conservatism & Bi-Partisan Decision-Making
  • How the Convention of States Option Got Into Article V
  • Status of Article V Web Sites

This Month…

  • The Principles of Federalism: Still Alive, But Barely: A digest of 11 Federalism-focused news stories and opinion pieces.
  • Heritage: ‘Congress Must Address the National Debt’
  • Federal Bureaucrats Spend Billions in Year-end Binges
  • A Call for Rebuilding Trust in American Leadership
  • State Legislators Often Do Not Have Primary Challenges
  • ‘Revive Five’ says Attorney/Author
  • Special Conference for State Legislators Set for Dallas
  • New Book: UNMASKED2020

*  *  *  *  NOTICE  *  *  *  *  

In the US, Thursday, September 17 is Constitution Day (also known as Citizenship Day), celebrating the day in 1787 when the US Constitution was formally signed in Philadelphia by 39 delegates to the Constitutional Convention, leading to it becoming America’s principle governing document.

In honor of that special day, the State Legislators’ Article V Caucus will be hosting a free one-hour online presentation entitled “Restoring the American Voice” beginning at 8 PM (Eastern Time).  The informative event will focus on how, in a time when Americans are increasingly frustrated with government, state legislators are meant to be the guardian of that American voice. To register and receive sign-in info, click HERE.

This Month…

  • US Federal Credit Rating Downgraded
  • Forbes:  Expect $78 Trillion National Debt by 2028
  • New Internet Site Tracks COVID-related Federal Spending
  • ALEC: BBA Could Resolve America’s Debt Problems
  • Law Professor: Article V Should Not be Trusted
  • ERA Questions are Now in District Courts
  • CoSP University Offers Course on the Constitution
  • Left-Leaning Group Proposes Term Limits for SCOTUS
  • An Alternative View of Needed Federal Governance Reforms

This Month…

  • ALEC Workshop Weighed ‘Four Paths to a BBA’
  • BREAKING NEWS:  America is Suffering ‘Debt Fatigue’
  • This Year’s Federal Deficit Projected to Hit $3.7 Trillion
  • Scott Walker Offers a Way to Fix the US Debt Crisis
  • NBA Player Wants to Highlight the National Debt
  • Can California Save America from Itself?
  • New Group Seeks to Address Distrust of Government
  • Activists Continue to Fight for the 1972-Proposed ERA
  • Right to Vote Amendment Proposed

This Month…

  • Amendment Expert Warns: Applications are Still Missing
  • Anti-Convention of States Legislator Loses in Primary
  • Term Limits Campaign: Many Pledges, Minimal Progress
  • Citizen’s Group is Producing a New BBA-focused Newsletter
  • Coronavirus Leaves Governmental Budgets Devastated
  • Four Recommended, Related Reads

This Month…

  • All Budget Balancing Restraints Are Not the Same
  • Is There a Bottom to the Debt Hole Politicians are Digging?
  • Podcast Offers Info on a National Federalism Task Force
  • Could Article V Justify Limitless Powers for Congress?
  • Say It Isn’t So:  Koch & Soros Join, Oppose Civil Rights
  • Tennessee House to Vote on Wolf-PAC Proposal
  • Term Limits Leader Offers a Graphic Illustration of Article V
  • Recommended, Related Good Reads

This Month…

  • Highly Respected Budget Watchdog Group Issues Warning
  • Economists Offer a Solution to America’s Debt Crisis
  • Shifting the Short-Term Pain to Future Generations
  • Article V Leader Quoted as Resisting Pandemic Mandates
  • National Federalism Task Force is Proposed
  • Roman Buhler Pushing Congress: Propose Amendments
  • Editorialist Speaks Out Against a BBA
  • New ‘Fix the System’ Coalition Established
  • Recommended Reads

This Month…

  • A Sad 25th Anniversary
  • Legislators & Educators Need to Lead in Educating Public
  • CPAC Attendees Report Strong Support for a BBA
  • Voters of All Persuasions Want Action on National Debt
  • Forbes: Get Future Deficits Under Control
  • About the 2.2 Trillion Dollar Deficit-Increasing CARES Act
  • Does COVID-19 Have You and Your Kids Stuck at Home?
  • Progress of Applications for an Article V Convention
  • Foundation calls for 5 Constitutional Amendments
  • Article V and the Google Search System
  • Recommended Article V-Related Reads

from the
State Legislators’ Article V Caucus

March 24, 2020
The regular monthly newsletter will be sent out as scheduled on April 1.

State Legislators Have a Vital Role During the COVID-19 Crisis
A Letter to State Legislators 

This Month…

  • National Poll of Legislators and Public Just Released –  Significant Information on Article V and Federalism
  • Could the ERA Movement Impact the BBA Effort?
  • CBO Outlook: Trillion Dollar Fed Deficits are Here to Stay
  • Convention of States Project Keeps Pressing Forward
  • Congressional Term Limits Proposal Chugs Along
  • Will the Electoral College be Subverted by the NPVIC?
  • Recommended Reading by Thoughtful, Little-Known Writers

This Month…
  • Challenges to the Electoral College Continue
  • Scholarly Resources on the Electoral College
  • The Bill for US Debt Will Come Due
  • Updated Article V Progress Report is Now Available
  • Ballotpedia Offers Important Service to Political Candidates
  • More Parties or Direct Elections – You Can’t Have Both
  • ERA Still Believed to be Active and Now Fully Ratified
  • Ranked-Choice Voting is Gaining Popularity
  • States are Calling for a National Federalism Task Force
  • Recommended Reads
  • What is an Article V Convention of States?

This Month…

  • Special Note to State Legislators: Resources Available
  • New Film: Ways to Fix America’s Broken Government
  • Congress Adopted a Federal Budget – Oops, Wrong
  • Other News Related to Governmental Fiscal Irresponsibility
  • Five Constitutional Amendment Efforts to Watch in 2020
  • Multiple Efforts Underway to Control Campaign Financing
  • Tucker Carlson Takes on Large Conservative Groups
  • Historian Tara Ross: Electoral College ‘Critically Important’

This Month…

  • Forbes Writer: Restore Power to the States… NOW
  • Left-Leaning Daily KOS Says It’s ‘time to bypass Congress’
  • Fear of a COS is Misplaced, Says Article V Activist
  • Concerns Continue about the Growing National Debt
  • Do We Need a Constitutional “Do Your Job” Amendment?
  • Compromise or Conflict?  Maybe Both
  • Several Article V Convention Resolutions Still Not Received
  • End-of-the-Year Status of Various Article V Efforts
  • Will the ERA Become the 28th Amendment?

This Month…
  • Feds Should Study Example Set by the States
  • A MAD Solution to America’s Problems
  • Current Activity at the Convention of States Project
  • Phoenix Correspondence Commission Adopts Charter
  • Is the Importance of American Citizenship Dying
  • Three Especially Good Reads on Federalism & Citizenship
  • The Electoral College vs NPV Debate Goes On
    • A Digest of 18 Sources of Related Information
    • In-depth Information on the Electoral College

This Month…
  • Now is the Time to Start Reducing the National Debt
  • Columnist Says US Government is Facing Insolvency
  • Single-Year Trillion Dollar US Deficit Surpassed
  • Democrat Congressmen Appeal for Fiscal Responsibility
  • Ohio Sen. Huffman Calls for Convention to Address Debt
  • Is a ‘Plenary’ Article V Convention a Viable Option?
  • The Implications of the National Popular Vote Movement
  • An Update on Missing Article V Applications

  • Anti-Federalists Were Patriots Too
  • More Evidence Article V Needs to be Used … NOW
  • Status of the US Term Limits Campaign
  • Is the Tea Party Dead?
  • COSP Pocket Guide is Now Available
  • NYC Lawyer Says Article V Needs to be Amended
  • AV Process Briefly Proposed as Gun Control Approach
  • Especially Good Relate Reads

This Month…

  • Heritage Holds Symposium on Restoring Federalism
  • Amendment Expert Warns of Missing A5 Applications
  • Former Dem Leader Harry Reid: ‘Deficit is going to bury us’
  • Other Observations on America’s Excessive Debt
  • Former US Comptroller: ‘Time to Confront Fiscal Failure’
  • Mismanagement is Costing Taxpayers a Fortune
  • Missouri Editorial Offers ‘Show-Me’ State as an Example
  • Writer Says ‘It’s About Time to Use Article V’
  • An Update on Proposed Constitutional Amendments

This Month…

  • Congress: Not the Source of Answers to America’s Problems
  • Does Anybody Care about America’s $22 Trillion Debt?
  • Can You Say Ponzi Scheme?
  • Dan Mitchell Challenges USA Today Editorial on Debt
  • Cato Writer Chides Republican Freedom Caucus on Debt
  • Democrats Warned Debt Can’t be Wished Away
  • Swiss Spending Cap Continues to be Successful
  • Professor Seeks Crowdsourced Rights Amendments
  • Washington Standard Op Piece Claims CoSP Cheated Utah
  • Anti-Citizens United Group’s Claims in Doubt
  • A Digest of Some Especially Good Related Reads

This Month…
  • Who is Responsible for Toothless Federalism?
  • This Presidential Candidate Once Said He Supported a BBA
  • Heritage Releases its Extensive ‘Blueprint for Balance’
  • This Plan Proposes to Balance the Federal Budget in 6 Years
  • Brookings Writer:  Myths About Fed Debt Leave No Answer
  • Blue Dogs are Gaining Influence While Supporting a BBA
  • US Rep. Schiff Offers Proposed Constitutional Amendment
  • Article V Opposition Campaigns Rely on Disinformation
  • Fake Article V Web Site Surfaces
  • Economist Chides Colorado for Weakening Its TABOR Law
  • Natelson Offers Insight on What Is a Constitutional Crisis

This Month…
  • Solutions Proposed to Deal with the National Debt Crisis
  • If the Republicans Won’t Do It, Maybe Democrats Will
  • Sen. Grassley: Deficits are Not Due to Decreased Revenue
  • Mischaracterized Views of Antonin Scalia Debunked
  • A Digest of Some Especially Good Related Reads

This Month…

  • Much Talk but No Action on $22 Trillion Debt
  • Illinois Dems Propose a BBA for Their State Constitution
  • Dozens of Article V-related Bills Wend through States
  • The ERA – It’s Not an Article V Issue, But It Is Related
  • National Popular Vote Not Likely to Use Article V
  • Federalism Explained through The Parable of the Bicycle
  • Actions of Pro-Convention Groups Mystify FoAVC Leader

This Month…

  • Convention of States Project Gets 13th State
  • New Federal Budget Calculator Offered by America Off Balance
  • Writer Says Article V is Only Way to Save Federal Government
  • Address Constitutional Changes with ‘Citizens’ Convention’?
  • Federalism in the News
  • Updated Article V Campaign Info Now Available
  • Guldenschuh Issues First A5 Progress Report for 2019
  • Article V Proposed as a Way to Legalize Cannabis
  • Other Reports on Article V State Legislation

Enclosed is your initial 2019 “President’s Day” edition of The Article V Convention Legislative Progress Report.   I have refined the report this year to limit it to only those groups which have passed multiple Article V resolutions.

Congratulations are in order for the Convention of States Project which got off to a fast start by passing their resolution in Arkansas. That makes 13 states where the COS resolution has now passed.

As you can see, US Term Limits and Wolf PAC /Free & Fair Elections have cast a broad net in multiple states.

Over the past year, Loren Enns has assumed leadership over the BBA effort. Loren has been working Article V for over a decade. He is President of the Center for State-led National Debt Solutions (CSNDS), the 501(c)(3) arm of the BBA effort. The BBA effort has some very targeted states this year starting with South Carolina.

My review of the legislative landscape shows that there are numerous rescission efforts underway. Some are geared at getting rid of old applications; others appear due to a change in leadership in the state legislatures and the continuing “runaway” myth. I suspect this will continue to be a focus of effort for all the groups as we move forward.  Everyone needs to build a strong flank to resist the opposition.

So far this year, approximately 75 pieces of Article V legislation have been dropped in 27 states.  That’s less than years past, but to be expected as the low hanging fruit gets picked and the process gets more targeted and difficult.  I predict that we’ll top 100 items and two-thirds of the states before this legislative year is finished.

That’s it for your initial update. If I can ever be of assistance to any of you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

David F. Guldenschuh

Editor and Publisher

2019 02 17 AVC LPRThe Article V Convention Legislative Progress Report

This Month…

  • Former US Comptroller General Says Now is Time to Act
  • Editors Call Nation’s Fiscal Wellbeing ‘Precarious’
  • Developments Toward Government Fiscal Restraint
  • Stivers Rule Retained by Dem-Controlled US House
  • Need Seen for Congressional Term LimitsGetting Traction
  • Convention of States Project Reports Growth
  • Other Recent Article V-related Developments
  • AV Caucus Adds 3 State Leaders to its Steering Committee
  • Article V – Not a Path to Senate Reapportionment