As State Legislators, we have a solemn obligation to defend the rights of the people and protect the sovereign authority of our states, but the powers in Washington D.C. have made that almost impossible. Decades of out of control spending and a slow erosion of the balance of power between the states and the Federal government have all but destroyed the constitutional federalism that our founding fathers established.

The drafters of our Constitution knew this could happen and so they gave us the tools to keep the genius of Federalism functioning, but we have to use those tools.

The stronger we are, the sooner we can take the credit cards away from Washington and put our nation back on track.

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Two of our caucus members spoke at a symposium on Article V in Denver on March 27, 2014. Colorado Senator Kevin Lundberg and Colorado Representative Lori Saine had just introduced an Article V resolution in the Colorado Legislature. Here are their comments:

On December eleventh a “budget deal” was announced by the leadership in Congress. They say the deal adds certainty to the operation of the Federal government. I agree. This makes it that much more certain that Washington will continue to kick the can down the road of fiscal irresponsibility.

The shutdown of many parts of the Federal government due to the debate over Washington’s control of medical care is just a symptom of a much deeper problem. As significant as is the debate over who should control our medical systems, it is but one aspect of the real problem.