Our Goal Statement:

The goal of the Article V Caucus is to re-establish federalism as our Founders intended, and limit the runaway growth of the Federal Government.

The Caucus is named after the Article in the U.S. Constitution that addresses the amendment process, which includes granting States the authority to amend the Constitution without the approval of Congress: “The Congress … on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as Part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States or by Conventions in three fourths thereof,…”

The Caucus will encourage state legislators to uphold these principles of federalism and limited-government with web-based information, model legislation, and strategic meetings.

The Caucus believes an Article V convention is the most efficacious means of meeting our goals, and will encourage the States to adopt resolutions to call for such a convention. But we also believe that a convention is only the means to that end, and will always keep a focus on the goal of federalism and limited-government.

Membership in this Caucus is a public record of legislators who ascribe to the principles of federalism and limited government.

Caucus Co-Chairs:

Colorado State Senator Kevin Lundberg (senatorlundberg@gmail.com) and New Mexico State Representative Yvette Herrell (yherrell@yahoo.com)

The Article V Caucus Organizing Committee:

Senator Kevin Lundberg (Colorado), Senator Bill Cowsert (Georgia), Senator Bill Coley (Ohio), Rep. Yvette Herrell (New Mexico), Rep. Lori Saine (Colorado), Rep. Lynne Riley (Georgia), Rep. Manny Steele (South Dakota), Rep. Gary Banz (Oklahoma), Rep. Robert Thorpe (Arizona), Rep. Chris Kapenga (Wisconsin), Rep. Jordon Ulery (New Hampshire) and Rep. Andrew Welch (Georgia).

State Legislators’ Article V Caucus Membership:

Rep. Tammie Wilson Alaska
Rep. Wes Keller Alaska
Rep. Doug Isaacson Alaska
Rep. David Gowan Arizona
Rep. Brenda Barton Arizona
Rep. Robert Thorpe Arizona
Rep. Kelly Townsend Arizona
Rep. Justin Harris Arkansas
Sen. Jason Rapert Arkansas
Rep. Nate Bell Arkansas
Rep. Andy Davis Arkansas
Rep. Lori Saine Colorado
Sen. Kevin Lundberg Colorado
Rep. Jim Wilson Colorado
Sen. Kevin Grantham Colorado
Sen. Larry Crowder Colorado
Rep. Dan Nordberg Colorado
Sen. Vicki Marble Colorado
Sen. Kent Lambert Colorado
Rep. Janak Joshi Colorado
Sen. Mark Scheffel Colorado
Rep. Lois Landgraf Colorado
Sen. Laura Woods Colorado
Rep. John Wood Florida
Sen. Alan Hays Florida
Rep. Andrew Welch Georgia
Sen. Bill Cowsert Georgia
Rep. Terry Rogers Georgia
Rep. Jason Spencer Georgia
Sen. Sam Slom Hawaii
Rep. Vito Barbieri Idaho
Sen. Marv Hagedorn Idaho
Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll Idaho
Sen. Brandt Hershman Indiana
Sen. Jim Smith Indiana
Sen. Jim Buck Indiana
Rep. Dawn Pettengill Iowa
Rep. Randy Garber Kansas
Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook Kansas
Sen. Tom Arpke Kansas
Rep. Brett Hildabrand Kansas
Rep. Kirk Talbot Louisiana
Rep. Ray Garfalo Louisiana
Sen. Mike Green Michigan
Sen. Melanie Sojourner Mississippi
Rep. Warren Love Missouri
Rep. Jeff Messenger Missouri
Rep. Mike Moon Missouri
Sen. Art Wittich Montana
Rep. Jordan Ulery New Hampshire
Rep. Laurence M. Rappaport New Hampshire
Rep. Nora Espinoza New Mexico
Rep. Dianne Miller Hamilton New Mexico
Rep. Paul C. Bandy New Mexico
Rep. Yvette Herrell New Mexico
Rep. Chris Millis North Carolina
Rep. Bert Jones North Carolina
Rep. Roscoe Streyle North Dakota
Rep. Jim Kasper North Dakota
Robert Luckey Canidate for the House Ohio
Sen. Bill Coley Ohio
Matt Huffman Candidate for the Senate Ohio
Matt Lynch Candidate for US House Ohio
Sen. Gary Banz Oklahoma
Rep. Bill Taylor South Carolina
Rep. Pete DeGraaf South Carolina
Rep. Anne Thayer South Carolina
Sen. Larry Grooms South Carolina
Rep. Chip Campbell South Dakota
Rep. Scott W. Craig South Dakota
Rep. Jim Stalzer South Dakota
Sen. Mike Bell Tennessee
Rep. Dennis Powers Tennessee
Rep. Paul Workman Texas
Rep. James White Texas
Rep. David Lifferth Utah
Rep. Kraig Powell Utah
Rep. Ken Ivory Utah
Del. Frank Ruff Virginia
Del. Jim LeMunyon Virginia
Del. John Overington West Virginia
Larry D. Kump Candidate for the Senate West Virginia
Rep. Scott Krug Wisconsin
Rep. Chris Kapenga Wisconsin