This Month…

  • Highly Respected Budget Watchdog Group Issues Warning
  • Economists Offer a Solution to America’s Debt Crisis
  • Shifting the Short-Term Pain to Future Generations
  • Article V Leader Quoted as Resisting Pandemic Mandates
  • National Federalism Task Force is Proposed
  • Roman Buhler Pushing Congress: Propose Amendments
  • Editorialist Speaks Out Against a BBA
  • New ‘Fix the System’ Coalition Established
  • Recommended Reads

This Month…

  • A Sad 25th Anniversary
  • Legislators & Educators Need to Lead in Educating Public
  • CPAC Attendees Report Strong Support for a BBA
  • Voters of All Persuasions Want Action on National Debt
  • Forbes: Get Future Deficits Under Control
  • About the 2.2 Trillion Dollar Deficit-Increasing CARES Act
  • Does COVID-19 Have You and Your Kids Stuck at Home?
  • Progress of Applications for an Article V Convention
  • Foundation calls for 5 Constitutional Amendments
  • Article V and the Google Search System
  • Recommended Article V-Related Reads

from the
State Legislators’ Article V Caucus

March 24, 2020
The regular monthly newsletter will be sent out as scheduled on April 1.

State Legislators Have a Vital Role During the COVID-19 Crisis
A Letter to State Legislators 

This Month…

  • National Poll of Legislators and Public Just Released –  Significant Information on Article V and Federalism
  • Could the ERA Movement Impact the BBA Effort?
  • CBO Outlook: Trillion Dollar Fed Deficits are Here to Stay
  • Convention of States Project Keeps Pressing Forward
  • Congressional Term Limits Proposal Chugs Along
  • Will the Electoral College be Subverted by the NPVIC?
  • Recommended Reading by Thoughtful, Little-Known Writers

This Month…
  • Challenges to the Electoral College Continue
  • Scholarly Resources on the Electoral College
  • The Bill for US Debt Will Come Due
  • Updated Article V Progress Report is Now Available
  • Ballotpedia Offers Important Service to Political Candidates
  • More Parties or Direct Elections – You Can’t Have Both
  • ERA Still Believed to be Active and Now Fully Ratified
  • Ranked-Choice Voting is Gaining Popularity
  • States are Calling for a National Federalism Task Force
  • Recommended Reads
  • What is an Article V Convention of States?

This Month…

  • Special Note to State Legislators: Resources Available
  • New Film: Ways to Fix America’s Broken Government
  • Congress Adopted a Federal Budget – Oops, Wrong
  • Other News Related to Governmental Fiscal Irresponsibility
  • Five Constitutional Amendment Efforts to Watch in 2020
  • Multiple Efforts Underway to Control Campaign Financing
  • Tucker Carlson Takes on Large Conservative Groups
  • Historian Tara Ross: Electoral College ‘Critically Important’

This Month…

  • Forbes Writer: Restore Power to the States… NOW
  • Left-Leaning Daily KOS Says It’s ‘time to bypass Congress’
  • Fear of a COS is Misplaced, Says Article V Activist
  • Concerns Continue about the Growing National Debt
  • Do We Need a Constitutional “Do Your Job” Amendment?
  • Compromise or Conflict?  Maybe Both
  • Several Article V Convention Resolutions Still Not Received
  • End-of-the-Year Status of Various Article V Efforts
  • Will the ERA Become the 28th Amendment?

This Month…
  • Feds Should Study Example Set by the States
  • A MAD Solution to America’s Problems
  • Current Activity at the Convention of States Project
  • Phoenix Correspondence Commission Adopts Charter
  • Is the Importance of American Citizenship Dying
  • Three Especially Good Reads on Federalism & Citizenship
  • The Electoral College vs NPV Debate Goes On
    • A Digest of 18 Sources of Related Information
    • In-depth Information on the Electoral College

This Month…
  • Now is the Time to Start Reducing the National Debt
  • Columnist Says US Government is Facing Insolvency
  • Single-Year Trillion Dollar US Deficit Surpassed
  • Democrat Congressmen Appeal for Fiscal Responsibility
  • Ohio Sen. Huffman Calls for Convention to Address Debt
  • Is a ‘Plenary’ Article V Convention a Viable Option?
  • The Implications of the National Popular Vote Movement
  • An Update on Missing Article V Applications

  • Anti-Federalists Were Patriots Too
  • More Evidence Article V Needs to be Used … NOW
  • Status of the US Term Limits Campaign
  • Is the Tea Party Dead?
  • COSP Pocket Guide is Now Available
  • NYC Lawyer Says Article V Needs to be Amended
  • AV Process Briefly Proposed as Gun Control Approach
  • Especially Good Relate Reads