This month…

  • Phoenix Convention Was an Enormous Success      
  • The Phoenix Convention Drew Considerable Media Coverage
  • Phoenix Correspondence Commission Created
  • The Economist Publishes Major Piece on Article V
  • A Debt Ceiling With No Limit?
  • Hillary Clinton Apparently Doesn’t Understand Article V
  • Congressional Dysfunction Spurs Interest in Term Limits

This month…

  • Phoenix Readies for Historic Convention
  • Democrat Leader is New US Term Limits Utah State Director
  • CfA Wins Over Constitutional Scholar Trent England
  • The CoS Project Is Producing Lots of Press Coverage
  • Another Article V Proposal Emerges
  • New ‘Calexiters’ Group Seeks to Use Article V
  • NY Voters to Consider Amending Their State Constitution
  • Additional BBA-Related News

This month…

  • An Update on the Phoenix Convention of States
  • ALEC’s Denver Convention Draws a Large Attendance
  • News Flash: ‘Our Federal Government is Completely Broken’
  • BBA Proponents Testify Before Congressional Committee
  • Idaho Legislator Supports BBA, Will Self-Term Limit
  • CoSP was Active During July
  • More Article V-related News

To see the August progress report click on the link: 17- 0801 AVC Progress Report

  • ALEC Convention to Include Article V Emphasis
  • Phoenix Convention of States Update
  • Former US Senator DeMint Has Joined CoSP as an Advisor
  • New Montana Congressman Gianforte Supports Amend Bills
  • Texas Adopts Delegate Bill, Celebrates Article V Victories
  • Article V Opponents Keep Spreading BS
  • An Update on BBA Efforts in Wisconsin
  • Does America Have Any “Fiscal Space” Left?
  • More Article V-related News

Official Invitations Sent Out for the Arizona Convention
•        2017: A Good Year for the Convention of States Project
•        BBA Effort Dealt Setbacks
•        George Soros Focuses on Killing Article V Efforts
•        New A5 Report: BBA and CoSP are 81% and 46% There
•        Caucus Site Adds Links to More Resources
•        Federalism Course at UVU is Free
•        NTLC President Champions the Trump Budget
•        Puerto Rico Offers a Lesson in Excess Government Debt
•        Senator Tom Coburn Releases Smashing the DC Monopoly
•        New Research Paper Issued by Rob Natelson
•        Is the ERA on the Verge of Full Ratification?
•        Coming Events That Impact Article V & Federalism

The new Article V Progress Report can be found HERE.

This month…

  • New Comprehensive Article V Resource Site Has Opened
  • Legislators Plan for Upcoming Historic Convention of States
  • Two New Excellent Books Deal with an Article V Convention
  • Article V Opponents Have Become Ultra Aggressive
  • Upcoming Events That Are Important to Article V Efforts
  • New Video Addresses Myth about 1787 Constitution
  • Survey: National Debt is Not on Millennial’s Radar
  • Colorado Senate Kills Congressional Term Limits Bill
  • Convention of States Project is Still Active in 8 States
  • Several Publications Cover Article V Issues
  • Georgia Attorney Tracks Article V Progress
  • They Are Still Trying to Ratify the ERA
  • Indiana Moves toward a BBA in Their State Constitution

This month…

  • Arizona Calls Formal Planning Convention of States
  • CoSP Campaign Gains Two States for Current Total of 10
  • BBA Drive Loses 1 & Gains 1 – Still at 29 States
  • Wisconsin Seeks to be 30th BBA Application
  • National Debt Described as ‘a Huge Threat to Millennials’
  • Term Limits Proposal is Moving Along in Several States
  • Compact for America Proposal Approved in 5th State
  • Single Subject Amendment Effort Sees Some Action
  • Proposal to Use Article V to Address Social Issues Fails

Those Anti-Article V Misinformation Campaigns –

  • Hard-Hitting Article Chides Opponents of Article V
  • Related – Andy Schlafly Called Out for Misinformation
  • ‘Runaway Convention’ Notion Is a Modern Contrivance

Article V Research Resources –

  • Five New Article V-Related Research Papers Available