Progress Report on Article V Efforts

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A Note from David Guldenschuh to fellow Article V Supporters…

From the e-mails I’ve gotten, many of you have missed my publishing of this year’s initial edition of The Article V Convention Legislative Progress Report.  Well, better late than never, right?  I have been totally swamped by my day job (practicing law) and an abundance of Article V and other public service volunteer work.  Finally, after my third review of progress within the states, above is your February 24, 2018 edition.

Counting the carryover items of Article V legislation from 2017 and the new legislation introduced in 2018, approximately 130 Article V items of legislation have been introduced in 35 states, and 30 states are actively considering such legislation as of this report.

US Term Limits got off to a fast start this year and passed quickly in Alabama. Congratulations USTL!!  It is active in 7 other states, and is a floor vote away in Georgia from passing there.

The BBA Task Force, which has applications passed in 28 states, is much more targeted this year, as would be expected.  It has been focusing on South Carolina, Kentucky and Minnesota, but for now is only active in South Carolina and Maine.

The CoS Project, which has applications passed in 12 states, is active in at least 16 other states.  Iowa and North Carolina are on the verge of joining COS if they can pass one more floor vote.

Several states are entertaining passage or modification to their faithful delegate bills.  Although there are some rescission bills out there, none seem likely to pass.

Overall, Article V activity appears to be more focused this year than past years where legislation might have been introduced in a certain state even though it really had very little chance of passing.

Good luck to all the advocacy groups and their supporters. Next report will come out likely in mid-March.