This page of resources is provided to give an in-depth view of the issues concerning Article V and a convention of the states. The material in each link comes from a variety of organizations and may not reflect the views of the State Legislators’ Article V Caucus.

These links are for educational purposes.

Here are some other websites that have great information on Article V:

Heartland Institute

Independence Institute

The Article V Library


The following article describes how an Article V convention of the states would be very different than a national party convention:

Comparing Article V Convention to National Party Convention is Absurd.


This is a tool for more accurate media coverage. It includes information for journalists, writers and broadcasters for background concerning Article V of the US Constitution.

The media are welcome to download this overview of the Article V issue. Legislators and others interested in this information also have permission to make hard copies to distribute to the media, or forward on the PDF file:

2017 Article V Press Packet


Model resolutions:

2017 BBA Resolution

2017 Resolution For Selecting Commissioners


Indiana Senate President David Long provides an overview of the entire Article V process and the delegate limitation act his state adopted.

The delegate limitation act is intended to deal with concerns that an Article V Convention could “runaway”:

Amending the U.S. Constitution By State-Led Convention: Indiana’s Model Legislation Distributed By Indiana Senate President David Long.


States that have already adopted Article V resolutions calling for a balanced budget amendment:

2017-29 med Target States


Here are two handbooks (by the Convention of the States Project, Constitutional scholar Professor Rob Natelson, and the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force) providing overviews on the Article V process:

Convention of the States Handbook

ALEC Article V Handbook


More useful publications:

Answers to common questions about an Article V convention of the states:

23 Unanswerable Article V Questions… And Their Answers by Rob Natelson.

Article V: 20 Questions Answered – by David Guldenshuh


Facts and figures that build the case for a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget:

Debt, Deficits, and the BBA by William Fruth


Article V Guide for Legislative Drafters – by Robert Natelson, Senior Fellow in Constitutional Jurisprudence at the Independence Institute in Denver. It is a detailed compendium designed to assist legislators, lawyers, and legislative drafters as they consider legislation aimed at state-initiated Article V applications.

Article V Guide for Legislative Drafters.


“Our Constitutional Moment” – an essay written by Dr. Tyler Watts of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation. The heavily footnoted essay makes clear why the only way to reign-in federal over-reach and out-of-control spending is through the use of Article V.

“Our Constitutional Moment”.


The following letter was written by Attorney Mike Stern on 2/15/2015 to a state legislator who was concerned about a possible  “runaway convention”: