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Building Bipartisan Support for Article V Applications – By Vickie Deppe, Illinois Legislative Liaison, Convention of States Project.

Ms. Deppe has had considerable success in winning support from both Democrats and Republicans for the CoSP proposal in a state that was not thought to be composed of legislators considered to be supportive.  She shares her tips for getting support from both sides of the aisle.

2018 Article V Press Packet

The American public, including the media and many state and federal law-makers, are under-informed (and often misinformed) about Article V.  This file is offered to assist in getting accurate press coverage about Article V.

Avoid Being Part of the Article V Disinformation Campaign

On March 21, 2017 The Hill carried an op-ed piece by Article V expert Rob Natelson entitled “Voters shouldn’t be shy about amending the Constitution to bypass Congress.”

Natelson discusses efforts by opponents of reform to stop Article V campaigns.  He says, “Opponents’ disinformation campaign is designed to frighten Americans away from using a convention to bypass the Washington power establishment.  In some ways, their campaign resembles efforts to suppress voting among targeted groups.”

He further point out, “The convention of states process is well-honed, safe, and effective.  Americans need to consider carefully whether the Constitution should be amended.  But they should not allow disinformation to influence their choice.”  Read his article HERE.