Article V Progress Report

by | May 21, 2017 | AVC Newsletter

The new Article V Progress Report can be found HERE.

Fellow Article V Supporters:

Enclosed is your May 21, 2017 edition of The Article V Convention Legislative Progress Report.  By my latest worksheet count, 175 or more pieces of Article V legislation were filed in 41 states during 2017. For the most part, the 2017 legislative sessions have wound down as Article V applications and/or delegate selection bills are active in only about 5 states presently. The focus will now turn to Arizona where plans continue to move forward for that state to host a non-Article V national convention of states starting on September 12, 2017. I hope to be appointed a commissioner to Arizona from the state of Georgia.

The 2017 legislative year was marked with continuing successes and some disappointments. The Convention of States Project passed in four states this year improving to 12 states overall, and it remains active in a couple of more states where passage is possible. The BBA Task Force passed in 2 states this year and continues its efforts in Wisconsin where passage remains hopeful. Unfortunately, Article V rescission resolutions in Maryland, New Mexico and Nevada eliminated 3 states which had passed BBA applications in the late 70’s from the BBA count.

There are two new wonderful books just published expounding upon the need for states to exercise their Article V authority. Former Senator and Dr. Tom Coburn just released Smashing the D.C. Monopoly (WND Books May 30, 2017). Many thanks to Dr. Coburn for his citation to The Article V Convention Legislative Progress Report in text and in the Appendix and for his cites to some of my other work.  Additionally, U. S. Representative Ken Buck (R-CO) just released his eye-opening book entitled Drain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption Is Worse Than You Think (Regnery Publishing April 11, 2017). When you read these books, you can’t help but wonder why state legislatures haven’t overwhelmingly exercised their Article V authority to save us from our runaway federal government.

Despite all the educational efforts that have occurred over the past 7 years, the runaway convention propaganda promoted by Common Cause, the John Birch Society, Eagle Forum and others continues to scare too many legislators away from exercising their Article V constitutional authority. Nobody ever said it would be easy, and the fight must go on if we are to preserve our nation’s constitution and heritage.

I will update the AVC LPR should any further Article V legislation pass; otherwise, I will likely publish my last report for 2017 come the week of July 4.

Good luck to all. If I can ever be of assistance to any of you, please don’t hesitate to ask.


David F. Guldenschuh
Editor and Publisher
The Article V Convention Legislative Progress Report