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 2021 Federal Fiscal Responsibility Amendment Academy hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 30, 2021.

Currently Active Article V Movements
A list of all Article V movements that have at least one state legislature supporting their effort and are currently active.


States that have Adopted Article V Applications
Resources for determining which states have adopted Article V applications, and the status of those applications.


Other Web Sites with Substantial Article V Information
A list of web sites, not related to any particular Article V movement, that provide extensive information about Article V.


Research Articles on The History of Article V
Numerous articles are available on the background of Article V and the history of conventions of states/colonies.


Research on Specific Article V Issues
Dozens of well-researched papers and publications providing current guidance on Article V issues. Research by topic:
• Counsel on Drafting an Article V Application
• Help with Filing State-Approved Article V Applications with Congress
• Misc. Article V-Related Resource Papers
• Resources on the “Runaway Convention” Question
• Resources on the Question of Limiting an Article V Convention
• Resources on the Potential for Litigation when 34th Application is Reached
• Resources on the Question of Congress’ Involvement in an A5 Convention
• Resources on History of the Phrase “Convention of States”


Books with Substantial Article V Content
This list includes a sampling of the numerous books that have been written about the Constitution with varying emphasis on Article V.


Research on Myths about Adoption of the 1787 Constitution
Articles that address the oft raised claim that the 1787 Constitutional Convention ran away, that the Founders went beyond their authority.


Research Articles on Federal Fiscal Issues
Articles that address the reasons why restraint is needed in America’s federal spending and debt.


Research Articles on Excessive Congressional Terms
Articles that address the issues surrounding lengthy Congressional terms and their impact on federal leadership and decision-making.


Research Articles on Multiple vs Single-Subject Congressional Bills
Articles addressing the various reasons groups seek to use Article V to propose a Constitutional provision preventing multiple-subject Congressional bills.


Federalism in General 
Articles that address the importance of the concept of federalism to the American form of government.


Electoral College Challenges
Articles that deal with how and why the Electoral College came into existence… why that institution is still important… and why proponents of the National Public Vote (direct vote) think the Electoral College should be eliminated.


Voting & Election Issues
Resources on how various states handle voter identification, absentee voting, early voting, campaign finance reporting… and information about Ranked Choice Voting proposals


More Article V Aids
This file offers assistance in getting accurate press coverage about Article V.