Books with Substantial Article V Content

Over the years numerous books have been written about the Constitution with varying emphasis on Article V.  Many of them that appear to be authoritative are actually less than scholarly.  The books below can be recommended as well-researched.  The first five are the most recent and valuable.


Conventions That Made America – 2018 – by Mike Kapic – Sub-titled “A Brief History of Consensus Building”.  This is a concise review of the many conventions which provide the basis for an Article V convention of the states.  It debunks the claim: “We don’t know how conventions work”.  It is available HERE.


If there is to be just one book in your library about Article V, it must be the following one.  Consider it a detailed reference book on Article V. The author was originally an avowed opponent of the use of Article V.  His considerable research led him to a total turnaround.  This comprehensive 850-page book of facts about the history, rules and procedures related to Article V is thoroughly documented, yet not exclusively academic.  A “State Legislators’ 15-Minute Executive Summary” at the beginning provides an excellent overview of the entire Amendment Convention process.

Far From Unworkable – 2017 – by Timothy Dake – Sub-titled “The Fears, Facts, FAQs and Court Findings Relating to the Constitution’s Provision for an Article V Amendatory Convention.” It is available HERE.


The following two publications, written primarily for state legislators, provide overviews of the Article V process.

ALEC Article V Handbook – produced by the American Legislative Exchange Council

Convention of the States Handbook – produced by Convention of States Project.


Drain the Swamp: How Washington Corruption is Worse than You Think – 2017 – by Colorado Congressman Ken Buck.  The Congressman reveals the lavish parties…. committee chairmanships for sale… pay-to-play corruption… backroom arm-twisting… and votes on major legislation going to the highest bidder.  He says the only way to fix Washington is to use Article V, starting with a Balanced Budget Amendment, and then term limits.  The book is available HERE.


Smashing the DC Monopoly – 2017 – by Former US Senator Tom Coburn (OK).  The book chronicles Coburn’s very active involvement in the Convention of States Project.  Coburn entered Congress with the hope of finding better controls on the federal government… believing that without finding and implementing them America was doomed.  This book is about Coburn’s quest.  After studying alternative concepts he concluded that Article V held the key… the only key to getting the federal government under control.


Restoring America’s Fiscal Constitution  – October 2017 – by economists John D. Merrifield (University of Texas at San Antonio) and Barry W. Poulson (professor emeritus of economics at the University of Colorado).  Published by Lexington Books.  Their detailed treatise offers “clear, timely, and on point well-chosen fiscal rules that constrain and impose discipline on democratic government budget policies…” according to Marvin Phaup of George Washington University.

Another reviewer, Randall G. Holcombe of Florida State University, says, “Merrifield and Poulson clearly show the fiscal challenges that lie ahead for the United States government, and drawing from experience—both good and bad— from Switzerland and other European countries, suggest a set of fiscal rules to limit deficit spending.  Their ideas are both sensible and politically palatable. They provide a superb blueprint for fiscal reform.”

Although the book focuses mostly on economic issues relating to the suggested new fiscal rules, the  final two chapters ‘A Roadmap to Restore America’s Fiscal Constitution’, and ‘Reopening the Constitutional Road to a Balanced Budget Amendment’ will be of special interest to advocates of an Article V BBA.


Can the US Debt Growth Be Stopped? – March 2016 – by Dr. Barry W. Poulson and John D. Merrifield. In this book the two respected economists examine how OEDC countries (particularly Switzerland and Sweden) responded to debt build-up during and after the great recession.  Their extensive studies have led the authors to identify fundamental changes that they recommend in US budget processes to get America on a path toward reduced national debt. It is also available HERE.


The following book, written by a respected Constitutional scholar, is an excellent overview of the entire Constitution.  Chapter 12 deals explicitly with Article V.

The Original Constitution – What it Actually Said and Meant – 2011 – by Rob Natelson. It is available HERE.


The Liberty Amendments – May 2014 – by Mark R. Levin.  It is available HERE.


Originalism and the Good Constitution – November 2013 – by John O. McGinnis and Michael B. Rappaport.  It is available HERE.


Perfecting the Constitution – The Case for the Article V Amendment Process – 2013 – by Patrick Guerra.  It is available HERE.


Balance – The Economics of Great Powers from Ancient Rome to Modern America – 2013 – by Glenn Hubbard and Tim Kane.  It is available HERE.


Are We The People – Written in 2012 and updated five times since – by James W. Lucas, an attorney in New York City.  Mr. Lucas says Article V… itself… should be amended.  “A few simple adjustments could do much to return the ultimate power of constitutional change to the people.” It is available HERE.


10 Amendments for Freedom – 2010 – by William Fruth.  It is available HERE.


Setting Limits – 1989 – by Lewis K. Uhler.  It is available HERE.


Unfounded Fears – Myths and Realities of a Constitutional Convention – 1989 – by Paul J. Weber and Barbara A. Perry.  It is available HERE.


Constitutional Brinkmanship: Amending the Constitution by National Convention – 1988 – by – Russell L. Caplan.  It is available HERE.