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Currently Active Article V Movements

A list of all Article V movements that have at least one state legislature supporting their effort and are currently active.

States that have Adopted

Article V Applications

Resources for determining which states have adopted Article V applications, and the status of those applications.

Progress Report on Article V Efforts

Throughout the legislative year Georgia Attorney David Guldenschuh produces monthly updates on the progress of various Article V efforts on a single-page.  It is a handy quick reference piece that scores each effort on their progress toward getting 34 states to adopt specific applications.  The most recent Progress Report is posted here.

Other Web Sites with Substantial

Article V Information

A list of web sites, not related to any particular Article V movement, that provide extensive information about Article V.

Research Articles on

The History of Article V

Numerous articles are available on the background of Article V and the history of conventions of states/colonies.

Published Research on Article V Issues

Dozens of well-researched papers and publications are available providing current guidance on Article V issues.

Published Books with Substantial

Article V Content

This list includes a sampling of the numerous books have been written about the Constitution with varying emphasis on Article V.

Research on Myths about

Adoption of the 1787 Constitution

Articles that address the oft raised claim that the 1787 Constitutional Convention ran away, that the Founders went beyond their authority.

Research Articles on Federal Fiscal Issues

Articles that address the reasons why restraint is needed in America’s federal spending and debt.

Research Articles on 

Excessive Congressional Terms

Articles that address the issues surrounding lengthy Congressional terms and their impact on federal leadership and decision-making.

Research Articles on

Multiple vs Single-Subject

Congressional Bills

Articles addressing the various reasons groups seek to use Article V to propose a Constitutional provision preventing multiple-subject Congressional bills.

Federalism in General 

Articles that address the importance of the concept of federalism to the American form of government.

Aids in Gaining Attention

For Article V Efforts

This file offers assistance in getting accurate press coverage about Article V.