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Yes, if we are talking about the U.S. Congress. But a runaway Article V Convention is not likely. And if such a convention did propose an off-the-wall amendment, the ratification requirements in Article V would keep it from ever becoming law. Ratification is the ultimate protection against any risk from an Article V Convention.

Professor Rob Natelson has recently produced a new American Thinker article “The Myth of a Runaway Amendments Convention” that makes it clear that this is a non-issue. See it here.

As an additional, immediately obvious protection against that possibility, some states are adopting Delegate Limitation Acts (DLAs).

For instance, Senator David Long recently led the Indiana legislature to adopt such an act. Indiana already has an Article V BBA application on file. Senator Long summarized Indiana’s new law (and includes the full text of the legislation) in a great new file. See it here.

If citizens and/or legislators in your state are still impacted by the bogus run-away convention fears peddled by some anti-Article V groups, you may wish to introduce BOTH an Article V / BBA resolution and a DLA at the same time.