September 2014 Newsletter

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    • Political Leaders Pledge Support for BBA
    • New Article V Effort Aims to Repeal Amendment 16
    • Western States Article V Tour
    • Adopt-A-State Effort Underway
    • Failure to Call Amendments Conventions Helps Explain Modern Federal Overreaching
    • It’s Time to Pull the Constitution’s Emergency Cord

Political Leaders Pledging Support for BBA –
It’s the right thing to do.  More and more state political leaders are formalizing their support for using Article V of the US Constitution to restore federalism… a balancing of power between national and state government.Thoughtful state leaders are signing pledges to support BBA-focused Article V resolutions calling for a limited state-led convention to propose a Constitutional amendment aimed at requiring federal leaders to balance the US budget and rein-in unsupportable spending.

One group, the State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF), has gathered pledges from state leaders (ranging from legislators to governors) in 30 states, calling for an Article V convention “convened for the limited purpose of passing a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution.”

This summer another group, the BBA Task Force (BBATF), has conducted a separate campaign aimed exclusively at state legislators and legislative candidates, with the same pledge.  So far 127 pledge signers from 18 key states have used written pledges to affirm their support for a BBA-focused Article V convention.

Many of those state leaders who have formalized their support for a state-led BBA are using their pledges as part of their campaigns for election or re-election this fall.  That is smart because polls show that 70+% of voters support the same thing.

Let constituents know you support use of Article V to rein-in the out-of-control federal spending by signing a pledge at SGLF effort) and/or BBATF effort).

Leading up to the November election both groups are using news releases to notify local media which candidates have taken a stand in favor of using Article V to bring about a BBA.

New Article V Effort Aims to Repeal Amendment 16 – 
The citizen-based group known as I Am American (IAA) announced this summer that it will spearhead an Article V drive to repeal the 16th Amendment (to “Abolish the IRS & Replace the Tax Code”).  The first objective of IAA is to assist at least 10 more states in adoption of BBA-focused resolutions (see note below).

IAA is supported by Herman Cain (former presidential candidate and syndicated radio talk show host).  They report that they already have legislators in 7 states to sponsor their “Repeal 16” resolution.  That drive will formally kick-off in January.

Western States Article V Tour –
The IAA group (see above) has launched a 6-state series of educational rallies aimed at grassroots citizen activists and state legislators in western states.  Similar events were held in eastern states this past year.  Those events led to adoption of BBA-focused Article V resolutions/applications in six states.

The rallies will be held in: Sioux Falls and Rapid City South Dakota (9/2 and 3); Cheyenne and Casper Wyoming (9/4 and 5); Billings and Missoula Montana (9/6 and 7); Phoenix Arizona (9/9); Salt Lake City Utah (9/11), Pocatello and Boise Idaho (9/12 and 13).  For locations, times, and more details call Scott Rogers at 904-521-6690.

Adopt-A-State Effort Underway –
Twenty-four state legislatures have adopted resolutions/applications calling for a limited-subject convention of states to propose a Constitutionally-imposed federal balanced budget.  Ten more states must act to make the convention happen.

Several legislators in states that have already adopted the enabling resolutions have offered to work with fellow legislators in states that are still to act.  An “Adopt-A-State” effort, coordinated by the BBA Task Force, will connect supportive legislators with “not-yet-decided” legislators in needed states this fall and during upcoming sessions.

Supportive legislators will be contacting legislators in Arizona, Idaho, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Legislators willing to participate in the “Adopt-A-State” effort should click here to write to BBATF.

Failure to Call Amendments Conventions                                              Helps Explain Modern Federal Overreaching –
That’s the headline in the August 18 edition of American Thinker.  Writer Rob Natelson points out: “The Article V procedure by which a convention of states bypasses Congress and proposes corrective amendments has never been used to completion. The neglect helps explain the size and dysfunction of the modern federal government.”

Natelson concludes his piece by saying: “Neglect of the Article V convention procedure has caused incalculable damage to the constitutional system. The recent surge in “convention of states” activity — at least 15 new state applications since 2011 — may signal that the cure has begun.”

Click here to read the entire article.

It’s Time to Pull the Constitution’s Emergency Cord –
“Pulling the Constitution’s emergency cord” is a guest editorial by Mark Alspaugh, Arkansas State Director of the Convention of States Project, wrote a good overview Article V article that was published in the Fort Wayne, Indiana Journal Gazette on August 19.

Alspaugh notes that: “The Congressional Research Service, a creature of Congress… calls the “runaway convention” shenanigan impossible.”

He suggests that “Both major parties are complicit in the constitutional problems our country faces today and it will take an alliance of patriots from all political persuasions to fix our broken government.  An Article V Convention of States is perhaps the last, best hope of saving the republic.”

Click here to read the entire Alspaugh piece.

The content of this edition of the Caucus Newsletter is primarily about the BBA Article V effort.  That’s because that’s the info we had to work with.  We will happily include news about any and all active Article efforts.  Send your news to Newsletter Editor Stu MacPhail at

Did you know?
Congress cannot dictate commissioner-selection procedures to the states, or rules to an amendments convention.  Yet some people claim Congress can do those things. They base their claim on the Constitution’s Necessary and Proper Clause.

So, let’s get this straight: The Founders adopted a Constitution that includes a way to bypass Congress, but then they added a way for Congress to control the bypass?  How stupid do these people think the Founders were?

In fact, the Necessary and Proper Clause doesn’t apply to Article V and wouldn’t be broad enough if it did.  Click here to see a related article.
                                     By Prof. Rob Natelson