Survey Summaries

The 2019 Survey of Opinions on Knowledge about U.S. Government was conducted through a pair of national surveys commissioned by the Tenth Amendment Group (TAG 10).  The surveys included both a representative sampling of state legislators and a national survey of the general public. The objective of the research was to examine selected aspects of the Constitutional knowledge of both groups, along with some of their opinions and preferences regarding matters of governance.

The study design and questionnaire design was developed by George Barna, of Metaformation, Inc.  Interviews with the public were based on respondents drawn from a national panel managed by Braun Research.  The target sample size was 1,000 adults, age 18 or older. The surveys were conducted online and averaged slightly more than 15 minutes per average completion.  The final tally was 1,025 qualified completions.

Upon completion of the surveys, The Tenth Amendment Group produced six “Summaries”  Each can be read by clicking on the headings below:


1 – Knowledge about the US Government.

2 – Governance Preferences.

3 – Knowledge of the US Constitution.

4 – Faith and the US Constitution.

5 – The Bill of Rights.

6 – Reactions to Words & Phrases.